Monday, April 15, 2013

The Media and the Gosnell Trial

Across the mainstream media and press over the last few days there has been something of an admission that they dropped the ball on what is one of the most important criminal trials in years. The explanations have been varied. The NY Times today basically admitted that the story warranted more coverage but denied liberal bias as the reason for their failure. The Washington Post did not address motives but in a short statement their editor acknowledged they had blown it and announced they would have a reporter assigned to the story starting today. Other columnists on the left have openly conceded, with some embarrassment, that the story's implications for the abortion debate had made them uncomfortable. And in fairness it must be noted that even among news sources with a more conservative editorial position coverage has been spotty. Some have been on top of it consistently. Others however have given it only marginally better coverage than the left leaning press.

But the bottom line is that it looks like the trial of a man who may be one of the greatest mass murderers in American History is finally going to be getting some real attention in the press and media.


Anonymous said...

You really should fact check before making false accusations;

John (Ad Orientem) said...

Anonymous you should really be careful about the links you post. That one practically makes my case. I could cite more coverage for a municipal election than the links you posted, most of which are way outside the MSM. This guy may be one of the greatest mass murderers in US History and all you can do is pull up a miniscule fraction of the links than I could find on a purely local murder in Utah with zero national or social importance?

But thank you for making my point. That linked post should be beyond embarrassing to the left. Of course the cat is kinda out of the bag anyways with more and more left leaning columnists openly admitting that they shunned the story because it made them uncomfortable.


As but one example.