Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Why the left has fallen in love with illegal immigration


rick allen said...

First, I know of no Democrats who just want an "open border." I'm sure there are some, but I've never heard anyone seriously advocate for eliminating border controls and curbing illegal immigration.

Second, there is an important difference between illegally remaining in the US (overwhelmingly through overstaying a legal visa) and seeking asylum (which of course Mr. Carlson entirely ignores). There is nothing illegal about the latter, and that's what those in the so-called "Caravan" are doing. That's not illegal, and, frankly, if the president is sending 5000 troops to the border to help take applications, that's all to the good. Except that he tells us that he's sending them to "repel an invasion," which you generally do by unleashing mass deadly force.

Third, the conditions that impel these people toward seeking a better life in the US are partly of our making--a combination of fostering authoritarian regimes to protect US property interests and our overwhelming appetite for cocaine. Our president, "America Firster" that he is, sees no moral requirement for Americans to take responsibility for the harm we have done abroad. I still believe, perhaps against the evidence, that most Republicans and Democrats think otherwise.

So, no one denies that Illegal immigration is a problem. The question is whether to treat it as a military problem or a humanitarian crisis. Treating illegal aliens as criminal vermin has obviously worked to the political advantage of our current president. And perhaps Democrats would gain from their eventual integration into our country as citizens. But few political strategists really think that long-term, and, since the Hondurans are probably half fervent Catholics and half fervent evangelicals, I'm not sure that, in the long run, they necessarily represent a secure Democratic advantage.

The Anti-Gnostic said...

They aren't actually seeking asylum. There is domestic crime in Honduras, like Chicago. It is a problem for the Hondurans, not US taxpayers.

"since the Hondurans are probably half fervent Catholics and half fervent evangelicals, "

LOL. Further proof that American Christianity is an affluent intellectual book club.