Friday, June 15, 2012

Gruesome photos put spotlight on China's one-child policy

Feng Jianmei  says she was manhandled by seven people, some of them local family planning officials, some of whom she didn’t know.

Feng, 22 years old and seven months pregnant, was dragged out of her relative’s home, carried and shoved into a van that headed straight to a hospital on June 2, she told NBC News in phone interview.

She was blindfolded, thrown on a bed, and forced to sign a document that she couldn’t read with the blindfold still on her eyes. Then two shots were injected into her belly. Thirty hours later, on the morning June 4, she gave birth to a dead baby girl.

Feng is one of the many Chinese women who have been forced to have abortions under China’s strict one-child-only policy started in late 1970s to contain the country’s fast growing population, which has now topped 1.3 billion people.
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Matushka Anna said...

Lord have mercy!!

I ask myself why we even deal with such monsters, but are we that much better? In this country the women *voluntarily* kill their babies.

Anonymous said...

We enforce something very similar, only silently and softly.

How? By making the average cost of raising a kid in this country about a quarter of a million dollars and rising.

Matthew M said...

I have read that the other problem is that because of this policy and the choice of whether to have a boy or girl more girls are being aborted . They say this will cause a shortage of females to males ratio if it hasn't already. The sad thing is in the USA the same thing is going on. More girl babies get aborted. So much for women's rights and the pro-female feminist agenda!

Matushka Anna said...

The whole quarter-of-a-million (or whatever number is in vogue) thing is a fallacy. At the moment we have five children and we have never had nor ever will have 1.25 million dollars. Our children are being raised just fine.