Thursday, June 28, 2012

Supreme Court Upholds Obama Health Care Reform

I have to admit, I'm a little surprised. It will be interesting to read the opinions when I get some time later today.

Update:  Once again the court surprises me. Before the oral arguments I had them upholding by a 6-3 vote just because striking it down would call into question 70 years of jurisprudence on Federal authority. After arguments I, like most people, figured they would kill it on a narrow ideological vote 5-4. Whatever I was expecting, this wasn't it. This is a huge blow to conservatives who were so confident of victory that they had the champagne on ice this morning while waiting for the announcement. Now on the more radical websites like Free Republic half of them are slitting their wrists declaring the end of the republic and the others are reaching for their guns.

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Phil said...

I've said this before, John, but, again, I don't get the undercurrent of schadenfreude here. I thought you were a Ron Paul supporter. Are you a libertarian, or not? And, if you are, why would you also not have had the champagne on ice in anticipation of the ACA being struck down?

So now, the federal government can compel you to do anything - buy a condom, vote only for Democrats, you name it - and it's perfectly "Constitutional," as long as the result for not doing what you're told is you write a penalty (sorry, "tax") check to the feds. Is that what Dr. Paul stands for? Because I never got that out of anything he's written or said.