Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hans Küng is at it again and flirting with sedevecantism

What on earth is Hans Küng up to now? He has mounted yet another assault on the Pope (every time he does this, he simply confirms one’s view that the Pope is right about whatever it is) over his willingness to heal the breach with the SSPX. But his tactics this time are very strange indeed. He says that since the SSPX bishops were invalidly ordained (not illicitly, invalidly) to accept them back into the mainstream of the Church would make him a schismatic pope, and that since, according to Catholic teaching a schismatic pope loses his office, he is very close to deposing himself. He is, in other words, arguing exactly like an extreme reactionary schismatic: it’s a kind of liberal sedevacantist argument.
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Alice Linsley said...

I don't think Pope Benedict is very worried about this since Hans Küng has been repeatedly discredited.

His timing is perfect, of course, with the Vatican leaks and present turmoil.