Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Admin Note: Commenting on old posts

Every now and then I get comments for posts that are old. Sometimes really old. Someone tried to post a comment yesterday on a post I put up in 2006! For sometime I have had comment moderation on for posts that are older than 10 days. The main reason for this is that most comments on old posts are SPAM. But some are quite legitimate and even good. The problem is that once a post disappears from the front page of the blog, the odds of anyone besides me reading your comment are negligible. And if you are responding to someone's earlier comment it's not very fair if they don't even know you are talking to them.

So in general I would prefer that people not post comments on older threads. If you think yours is really insightful by all means drop me a line. But once a post drops off the front page I am probably going to treat the comments as closed.

1 comment:

Robby said...

Let me get back with you on this in a couple of weeks. :-)