Tuesday, July 31, 2012

South Carolina Episcopal Bishop Hints At Secession

The Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina has released a letter in the wake of the mass apostasy that was their sect's General Convention. In it they state that before walking out of the convention Bishop Mark Lawrence addressed his fellow bishops [sic] and told them that by their actions they were crossing a line that he was not sure he could follow. It also states that he is entering a period of prayerful reflection over the next several weeks as he decides what to do.

Read the letter over at T-19.


Alice Linsley said...

Mark Lawrence, Kendall Harmon and others in that Diocese have watched, waited, spoken out, and prayed for 10 years since Gene Robinson's consecration. Now they are caught in the sect's demonic snare. I'm praying for their deliverance.

Alice Linsley said...

I note also that Sarah Hey is up to her old tricks of provocative statements for which she offers no real support. When questioned by David Wilson (number 8), one of Kendall's elves posts this: "Commenters are encouraged to avoid getting over excited and from indulging in off-topic or lurid speculation but to stick to the thread topic bearing in mind the appeal for grace which it contains - thanks - Elf

Of course Sarah is one of his elves. So predictable.

Anonymous said...

Yes, yesterday on a blog I encountered one of her "provocative statements" for which there was no merit except her own psychological assesement of a person through email. How sad to be so judgmental.