Sunday, July 29, 2012

Quote of the day...

“In Orthodoxy, communicants in the sacramental mysteries are not only obliged to be steadfast in the Christian faith and perpetually repentant over their failures, they are also obliged to take full responsibility for the Church’s teachings and practices, and to be ready, at least in intention, to defend them unto death. For this reason, those who publicly affirm and promote homosexual behavior (like those who publicly advocate abortion) cannot be sacramental communicants in the Orthodox Church”
Fr Thomas Hopko (Christian Faith and Same-Sex Attraction, 108)
HT: Fr. Peter


Alice Linsley said...

True. True.

Anonymous said...

The linked blog title claims that this applies to people who "support homosexuality": that is not what Fr. Tom said - he said "behavior". That's a shame because readers will perceive this as yet another attack on persons of homosexual orientation, which is clearly not ever appropriate for a Christian.