Sunday, July 22, 2012

NCAA Prepared To Impose Severe Sanctions On Penn State

It looks like the NCAA is getting ready to come down hard on Penn State in the wake of the child molestation scandal. IMHO it would have been better if Penn State showed some class and voluntarily shut down their football program for a few years while they get their priorities straight. On a positive note though, at least one prime symbol of Penn State's idolatry has come down.


Stephen said...

A cowardly board hiding behind the taking down of a statue. Big deal.

Ed said...

Well what you say regarding the "idolatry" of football at PSU is true. But I have to ask, do you really think it's any different at other major US colleges?

The university has a large portion of its income tied to its football program, and this "idolatry" is very pragmatic from the board's standpoint. They need football worshipers so that they can keep the money flowing.

The Anti-Gnostic said...

As I note on my blog, this is actually a deflection of the worst kind.

The root hazard is not that Penn State has a large and successful football program. A lot of colleges have that, and 99+% of them don't have a problem with pederasty. The root hazard is that a male homosexual had unsupervised access to male adolescents and teenagers.

We would not question a policy banning a heterosexual man from sleepovers with female adolescents and teens and from access to their shower facilities. We take it as a given--as we should--that eventually somebody is going to end up squeezing the Charmin.

But homosexuals are somehow presumed not to have the full complement of T-receptors and sexual agendas. Homosexual predation, unlike heterosexual predation, is never discussed because it would inevitably lead to an undesired result: homosexual men being barred from close contact with male youth.

Thus, the deflection.