Thursday, July 12, 2012

When Scientologists Split

Though Katie Holmes has not addressed reports that Scientology was a reason she split with Tom Cruise, a former Church of Scientology spokesman said some families, including his own, were torn apart when one spouse wanted to leave the religion.

“My wife, my son, my daughter, my mother….they disconnected from me.  They will not communicate with me,” said Mike Rinder in an interview with Kate Snow airing on Thursday, July 12 at 10pm/9c on NBC's Rock Center with Brian Williams.

Rinder joined the church as a child in Australia and rose to be Scientology’s international spokesman before he left the church in 2007.

He said he had been unhappy inside the church for a long time, but was afraid to leave because he said the church encouraged members to cut ties with relatives who want to leave.

“Part of that environment is keeping track of how people think…it’s a crime to …think bad thoughts about what’s going on and people will turn you in. Even your spouse will turn you in or your children will turn you in and then you’ll be in trouble,” he said.
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Scientology is a dangerous manipulative cult. Some of the things they have been involved in makes me wonder why a RICO investigation hasn't been done on them.


Alice Linsley said...

Watch it, John. These people are not nice.

Anonymous said...

I guess Rinder just didn't "submit" his "will and intellect" to higher authorities.

John (Ad Orientem) said...

No he didn't. He also doesn't claim to be a Scientologist anymore.

James Greene said...

Hey, Anon, if you're going to be insulting why not grow a spine and sign your name? Or is your will and intellect too important?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Greene,
My name doesn't mean anything just like yours doesn't. Yours could be completely false and no one would know the difference.

Why are people so naive as to think a name actually corresponds to a person, especially on the 'Net?

Visibilium said...

I'm agreeing with Anon on this one. Insisting on using real names online just boils down to being a pretext to delve into personalities at the expense of issues. In the case of the Russians, their insisting on using real names online is just a means of stifling dissent.

John (Ad Orientem) said...

I could care less if someone doesn't want to use their real name. I have never posted my full name anywhere online that I can recall. There are legitimate reasons for that. But If you are going to comment regularly it is helpful to have a pen name beyond "anonymous" which is kinda cheesy.

Anonymous said...

O.K. Call me "cheesy"

M. Jordan Lichens said...

When I was actually running my own blog instead of posting run-on sentences on others, I banned anonymous comments because I kept getting anti-Semitic posts from them. There are many reasons to allow people to protect their identity, but it can also be invitation to annoyances.