Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Race Hucksters

I read, with the joy that I usually reserve for recurrent migraines, that Precedent Obama will establish an Office of African-American Education, thus furthering the racial Balkanization of the country, providing makework jobs for useless bureaucrats and, predictably, accomplishing nothing. I read also that the NAACP has filed complaint with the Department of Education against Fairfax County, Virginia, just outside of Washington, because its high school for the very bright, Thomas Jefferson High, doesn’t have enough blacks.

Probably I should give up reading.

It never ends. Charges of discrimination, demands for special privilege, endless laws, wringing of teeth and gnashing of hands, lowered standards, no positive results, and start over again.
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Caution: As usual brother Fred does not mince words or pull punches. This essay WILL offend some people.


Matushka Anna said...

*I* for one am not offended. It's always nice to hear someone just SAY IT.

Anonymous said...

I never get offended by arseholes.

I just ignore them.

John (Ad Orientem) said...

Firstly for someone who doesn't get offended you sure do a good imitation of being offended, perpetually. Secondly, and I have mentioned this before, your comments are more and more sounding trollish. I don't mind contrary opinions but if you have nothing substantive to offer then just move on.

This blog is a no troll zone. If you can't control what your fingers are typing then sit on your hands. Seriously, my patience with your obnoxious comments is running thin.

LV said...

That was rough and to the point and true. I've taught freshman composition several places in the South, as an adjunct. Here's what I've noticed: in every class there are about five really good students, who are as likely to be black as white. Almost invariably, the good students come from homes where there are books. Frequently the black students in particular are the children of teachers. I get the ordinary kids, not the honors classes, so I can't say anything about the "gifted" but I know that growing up in a home where learning is important makes all the difference. As Fred says, we can buy you the books, but we can't make you read them.
And I also agree, from down here in the wilds of Mississippi, that white people do not want black people to be impoverished and ignorant and oppressed. As he says, we want them to prosper, pay taxes, raise good children and be part of a vigorous middle class.