Friday, August 23, 2013

Ft. Hood Shooter is Guilty of Murder x 13

He may face the death penalty. Of course I am on the record as being against capital punishment. However I have no real moral qualms about executing people like that, especially when there is zero doubt of their guilt. Here are the problems in this case...

* No one has been executed by the military since the early 1960's.
*Most legal experts believe the death penalty system in the military is so dysfunctional that it effectively doesn't exist.
* If appeals are filed it is going to cost a fortune and take decades to kill this evil SOB, if it is even possible.
* Hasan is currently a crippled killer who knows he is going to die in prison no matter what. He desperately wants a glorious martyrdom as opposed to a life of solitary confinement in a supermax prison while confined to a wheelchair.

I have no interest in giving him what he wants.

The worst thing we could do to him would be to toss him in the deepest darkest cell we can find and throw the key away. Let him languish there for a hundred years as just another sociopath who got his fifteen minutes of fame at the expense of other peoples' pain and suffering. For him that would be akin to torture. And of course if we kill him, he is likely to become a hero to extremists both in this country and abroad.

So however emotionally satisfying it would be to see him out of this world with the proverbial blindfold and cigarette, I say let the bastard rot in jail until the Second Coming.

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