Thursday, August 22, 2013

Gay Lutheran Bishop Presides at Revisionist Worship Service

The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America’s (ELCA) first openly gay bishop, Guy Erwin, presided over a highly heterodox worship service on August 14, 2013, during ELCA’s 2013 Churchwide Assembly in Pittsburgh.  Erwin’s subsequent dismissal of the service’s doctrinal significance notwithstanding, the bishop’s presence amidst such liturgical revisionism raises disturbing questions about proper theological formation in the ELCA.

This Festival Worship took place in the Omni William Penn Hotel’s Grand Ballroom after the ELCA assembly’s events had concluded that day in the David L. Lawrence Convention Center blocks away.  For the unsuspecting churchgoer, the service’s liturgical program printed by the gay Lutheran groups hosting the worship,ReconcilingWorks and Extraordinary Lutheran Ministries, was jarring.  The service’s “Thanksgiving for Baptism,” for example, invokes the “triune God” not under the formulation given by Jesus in the Gospels of “Father, Son, and Holy Ghost/Spirit,” but rather “Creator, Christ, and Holy Spirit.”

Any adherent of orthodoxy like me, accustomed to the Anglican 1928 Book of Common Prayer (BCP), would be flabbergasted by the program’s “Affirmation of Faith.”  This apparent reworking of Christianity’s basic statement of faith, the Nicene Creed invokes again a non-gendered “God” as opposed to the creed’s “Father Almighty” in the 1928 BCP translation.  Likewise, the God who “came to us in human form—Jesus” receives no gender designation as the “only-begotten Son of God.”
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Another Mainline Protestant denomination circles the drain...

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sjgmore said...

My brother got married in a Methodist church where the pastor - a middle-aged woman who must be a lesbian - always invoked the trinity as "God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit."

It made me absolutely furious. I hardly need to point out on this blog what's awful about that, but the real zinger to me is that she didn't even invoke the Father at all. Christ and the Holy Spirit *are* God, so "God" alone isn't even specific enough to be trinitarian.

And I sure hope that she doesn't conduct baptisms that way. Many Christian groups, Catholics in particular, wouldn't even recognize such a baptism as valid. I tend more and more towards the position of some Orthodox (as I understand it) that converts should be re-baptized if people like this are whose word we have to take for the validity of their sacraments.