Thursday, August 22, 2013

Quote of the day...

The White Man’s Burden
The United States in the Middle East – 2010

Give up the White Man’s burden–
It isn’t worth the game.
You’ll lose your sons and daughters;
The world will be the same.
You cannot save the heathen
Or civilize the wild.
Your gritty foes survive you
And breed another child.

Give up the White Man’s burden—
And turn the other way
When generals speak of glory
And politicians pray.
When duty calls, or danger,
For solid men and true,
The one to bear the burden
Will not be them, but you.

Give up the White Man’s burden—
The City on a Hill
Is yours to build and cherish,
But not the others’ will.
A world of bloody prophets,
Where fathers slay their own,
Will wear you down and kill you.
It’s better left alone.

Give up the White Man’s burden—
And save your time and breath:
You cannot reach the hearts of men
Who stone young girls to death.
They do not want your justice;
They love their cruel laws.
Your shining dreams of freedom
Will never be their cause.
Read the rest here. It's comment 18 by Winston.

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