Friday, August 23, 2013

Mounting Evidence of Syrian Gas Attack

Conspiracy theories from Assad apologists notwithstanding, the evidence that the Syrian dictator's forces launched a deadly attack using poison gas is mounting. In addition to France, both Turkey and Britain have stated that they believe the attack happened along with several independent human rights groups. But perhaps most damning is that sources in Israel, which greatly fears the fall of the Assad regime and the dangers that would pose for their national and regional security, also clearly believes the allegations. The Israeli government is avoiding formal comment because they do not support the rebels, but cabinet level sources say Mossad is convinced it happened.

Even the Russians, while not officially conceding the attack, are offering no defense of Syria. Their comments have been extremely guarded and limited to calling on Syria to allow international observers into the area. So far Syria is refusing.

None of which means it's any of our business. From my perspective we have two groups of people who both hate the West trying to slaughter each other. While I feel badly for the innocent victims I see no reason to meddle in this.


CJ said...

While undergoing threat assessment training at work, the instructor repeatedly said "pathology trumps intelligence every time."

This would seem to be borne out by Assad's brand of brutal craziness causing him to use WMD in a fight that he is winning. With patience and common sense, he could defeat the rebels without giving an excuse to those eager join the fight to depose him. Instead, he brazenly crossed the "red line" which will increase pressure on Western governments to do something about him.

He may be gambling that the Obama et. al. will show the same fecklessness as they have with the Egyptian coup, but it's a bad bet.

The Anti-Gnostic said...

The evidence is what it has always been: based solely on statements by unnamed "sources" and lurid accusations from partisans. Any day now, they will tell us Bashar had the Syrian national soccer team fed into industrial paper-shredders, feet first.

We went through this whole dog-and-pony show with Saddam Hussein as well.