Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Russia's Great Nyet to the West

From the Young Fogey. There is much that I admire about Russia's stand on a range of issues which put it in conflict with the post-Christian West. I will however express opposition to the occasional violence that has been reported against homosexuals and other dissenters. Not cool at all. Love the sinner, hate the sin. That's a concept that I suspect has eluded Pat Buchanan.


Andrei said...
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Andrei said...

Funnily enough there is still "homophobic" violence in NYC despite there being gay "marriage" there as well as gay "pride" parades.


Of course we don't condone violence in any way shape or form whether its against "gays" in NYC, Rostov-on-Don or just plain random shootings for the sake of it in Oklahoma


We live in a fallen world

Stephen said...

What did Pat say? I've never read anything from him that forgot that nostrum.