Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Israel is in uproar over lynching of Palestinian teen

TEL AVIV – On Thursday nights in the summer, Jerusalem’s Zion Square is full of people strolling in the pedestrian precinct, listening to music, eating ice cream, and drinking.

But alcohol does not explain what happened there in the early hours of last Friday morning.

The near-fatal beating of a 17-year-old Palestinian Arab by a mob of dozens of Israeli Jews was explained in purely racial terms by a 15-year-old suspect in the attack.

“For my part he can die, he’s an Arab,” the suspect told reporters as he left court Monday. “If it was up to me I’d have murdered him. He cursed my mother.”
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Rubricarius said...


Jason said...

The fruit of the Talmud.

Phil said...

More likely, Jason, it's the fruit of a multi-decade war against Israelis by the Arabs.