Friday, August 31, 2012

Yes, The GOP Is A Fascist Authoritarian Party

This reminds me of the famous scenes from the Communist Party Congresses back in the 30's when everybody applauded on cue. That is clearly what they want their conventions in the future to look like. Romney is a fascist control freak who fits in very well with the modern Neo-Con GOP.

Well comrades, the message has been received loud and clear. They want us to fall in line, vote as we are told and otherwise shut up. To which I respond SCREW THE REPUBLICAN PARTY!

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Michael said...

Fifteen years ago, I concluded that there was no substantial difference between the two parties in the U.S. At most, the two parties represent different factions within the plutocracy.

Keep in mind that, for any national office (and most state and local offices as well) there is a "primary" that happens before the primary you get to vote in. Call it the "money primary." This is where candidates solicit campaign money so they can run for office. Essentially, the owners of the country interview candidates, and decide which ones they will allow to run for office by funding their campaigns.

Thus, you can be sure that any candidate who is actually allowed to compete for office is already acceptable to the Pathocracy (i.e., the in-bred, psychopathic elite who own and operate the U.S.A. for their own benefit), and will not do anything that runs seriously counter to their interests.

Having said all that, I am still glad that Ron Paul ran his campaign. Anyone with any experience of life already knew that he would not be allowed to win, nor was that even the point of it all. The point was, to educate as many people as possible. Given the number of young people supporting him, I think his campaign was a success.

It is the young who will have to rebuild society after the current Pathocracy implodes. To all those under the age of 40, I say, that your job is not to try to fix this system. Your job is to survive, with as much integrity as possible, until this murderous, theomachistic and inhuman regime self-destructs. Once it does, then you will need to have a coherent set of ideas to rebuild society.

Between now and then, read Solzhenitsyn's great essay "Live Not By Lies" and apply it to your own life. Direct confrontation with uniformed gangsters is pointless and counterproductive. Those who live by the sword will die by the sword. Withdraw your consent from this evil system as much as you can manage. If you can move abroad, as I did, that would make your life a lot easier. If not, then join (or form) cohesive local communities with like-minded people.

If your family and blood relatives are on board with you, then this is a great blessing. However, if they are too brainwashed to face the truth (as mine was), then respect their free will and let them go their own way. Now is the time to seek, find and live among your own kind, wherever (and whoever) they may be. You will need to support and count upon one another.

Don't preach, don't argue, don't protest, don't confront. The time for that is long over. Now is the time to simply get through this.

Anastasia Theodoridis said...


I'm not voting in this election, because I canno give my 'mandate' to a crook, and they're ALL crooks.

Jason said...

I would've tuned in for the 2 Minutes' Hate until I found out they extended it into 4 days. I don't have that kind of time.

Matushka Anna said...


Visibilium said...

John, you have my sympathies for everything except your tired Vietnam-era metaphors. You'll live to fight another day. Hell, I voted for Paul, and I'm a Tea partisan, but the stakes are too high for his loopiness on particular issues.

Neo-con? More like Eisenhower. Wake me up when Mitt's eight years end.

Gregory Valentine said...


i realize that you have the right to cover whatever you wish on your blog. Having said that I find that all the partisan political musings are a bit beyond the pale of Orthodoxy. You really do wax eloquent when you build up the Faith by remaining positive. Just wanted to give you my 2 cents.

Phil said...

Fascist control freaks wouldn't have put up the Clint Eastwood performance we saw Thursday night. You may not like the way the RNC deals with its internal rules, but not every situation calls for language turned up to 10. Something can be disagreeable, or regrettable, or even wrong, without being the product of fascist control freaks.