Friday, August 10, 2012

St. Paul Cops Raid Wrong House; Brutalize Family

A St. Paul, Minnesota family claims in a lawsuit that police officers who conducted a wrong-door raid on their home shot their dog, and then forced their three handcuffed children to sit near the dead pet while officers ransacked the home. The lawsuit, which names Ramsey County, the Dakota County Drug Task Force, and the DEA, and asks for $30 million in civil rights violations and punitive damages after a wrong-door raid, also claims that the officers kicked the children and deprived one of them of her diabetes medication.
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Assuming the allegations are true, I think the damages should be awarded from the Police Pension Fund.


Phil said...

This kind of thing infuriates me. These "raids" and paramilitary-style maneuvers by police should have never been permitted on the scale they now are.

John (Ad Orientem) said...

I concur. This is so over the top there should be a criminal investigation, again assuming the alleged facts are true.

Michael said...

Unfortunately, John, I think you are being naive about this. Whenever the police investigate themselves, they always "find" that "the officer(s) acted appropriately."

You are assuming that America still has a morally sane government, where these kinds of things can be redressed. You have overlooked the fact that police departments have spent the last generation retiring and/or weeding out decent, morally sane men from their forces, and actively recruiting psychopaths and PTSD traumatized war veterans to replace them.

That, plus the militarization of police departments, and the abrogation of due process by Bush II and Obama, now means that the police are a much greater threat to the average American than street criminals are.

Once upon a time, America may have had a morally legitimate government. Not anymore. The place has been taken over by psychopaths, and police departments are now criminal gangs. The famous trial lawyer Gerry Spence has summed this up very well in the first chapter of his book "From Freedom to Slavery," in which he refers to the psychopathic power structure of the U.S. as "the New King" or "the wolf":

"In this country we embrace the myth that we are still a democracy when we know that we are not a democracy, that we are not free, that the government does not serve us but subjugates us. Although we give lip service to the notion of freedom, we know the government is no longer the servant of the people but, at last, has become the people's master. We have stood by like timid sheep while the wolf killed-first the weak, then the strays, then those on the outer edges of the flock, until at last the entire flock belonged to the wolf. We did not care about the weak or about the strays. They were not a part of the flock. We did not care about those on the outer edges. They had chosen to be there. But as the wolf worked its way toward the center of the flock we discovered that we were now on the outer edges. Now we must look the wolf squarely in the eye. That we did not do so when the first of us was ripped and torn and eaten was the first wrong. It was our wrong.

"That none of us have felt responsible for having lost our freedom has been a part of an insidious progression. In the beginning the attention of the flock was directed not to the marauding wolf but to our own deviant members within the flock. We rejoiced when the wolf destroyed them for they were our enemies. We were told that the weak lay under the rocks while we faced the blizzards to rustle our food, and we did not care when the wolf took them. We argued that they deserved it. When one of our flock faced the wolf alone it was always eaten. Each of us was afraid of the wolf, but as a flock we were not afraid. Indeed, the wolf cleansed the herd by destroying the weak and dismembering the aberrant element within. As time went by, strangely the herd felt more secure under the rule of the wolf. It believed that by belonging to this wolf it would remain safe from all the other wolves. But we were eaten just the same."

Again, such random lawlessness on the part of American officialdom is why I have advised all my close friends not to travel to the United States for the foreseeable future. I have no idea how this story ends. The only thing I can be sure of, is that oceans of blood are sure to flow.

The Archer of the Forest said...

Nothing surprises me anymore from the People's Republic of Minnesota.

Peter said...

Yeah right. The worst he'll get is paid leave.