Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Arkansas: Right-wing loony land

Remember former Republican legislator Charlie Fuqua, running again for legislature with financial support from the Arkansas Republican Party and U.S. Reps. Tim Griffin and Steve Womack, among others? We've mentioned some excerpts from his book, "God's Law: The Only Political Solution."

I have more for you today. To save space, I've omitted the Biblical citation for Fuqua's endorsement of the death penalty for rebellious children. Fuqua doesn't think execution would have to be used often on children who defied their parents, but suggests the deterrent effect of its legality would be beneficial. Verbatim, from the writing of Charlie Fuqua, a former lawyer for the Arkansas Department of Human Services:
    The maintenance of civil order in society rests on the foundation of family discipline. Therefore, a child who disrespects his parents must be permanently removed from society in a way that gives an example to all other children of the importance of respect for parents. The death penalty for rebellioius children is not something to be taken lightly. The guidelines for administering the death penalty to rebellious children are given in Deut 21:18-21:...
...Still waiting for Republican leadership, too, on the question of endorsement of sitting Republican Rep. Loy Mauch of Bismarck, who we've quoted repeatedly in defense of slavery and harshly critical of GOP patron saint Abraham Lincoln. Mauch scorns Lincoln as a Nazi and Marxist. The Republican representative is a follower of the neo-Confederate League of the South.

Republican officials also haven't pulled endorsements and financial support for slavery apologist Republican Rep. Jon Hubbard of Jonesboro.
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There is a fierce battle on the part of the GOP to take over the state government in Arkansas right now as they are the only one that is not solidly Republican in the old Confederacy. It appears that in that effort the GOP is prepared to overlook quite a bit from some of their candidates.


Anonymous said...

This is a natural extension of fundamentalist Biblical literalism. And they, unironically, work to ban "Sharia law" should it be thrust upon us.

Barnabas said...

I knew this guy, Fuqua, during my days as a reformed Christian - even was at his house a few times. He gradually got more wacky until it was just to0 weird to be around him.