Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Guilty Plea in Iranian Plot To Murder Saudi Ambassador

A former used-car salesman accused of conspiring with Iranians in an audacious murder-for-hire plot pleaded guilty Wednesday to helping plan the assassination of a Saudi diplomat at a posh Georgetown restaurant.

Manssor Arbabsiar, 58, a Texan with dual Iranian and U.S. citizenship, entered the plea in a New York courtroom just over year after his arrest in a case that shocked the world and drove U.S.-Iranian relations to a new low.
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I am glad this got stopped. Much as I am loathe to get dragged into all the crap in the Middle East which is mostly none of our business, this would have been a big deal if it had gone down. No self respecting sovereign state can allow foreign governments to orchestrate the assassination of diplomatic envoys on their soil. If it had happened I don't see how we could have failed to treat it as a causus belli without dishonor.

And the lunatics in Tehran should give thanks to their false god that this ended with an embarrassing whimper rather than a bang.


The Anti-Gnostic said...

Glorious diversity.

If the best the Iranians can do for hit squads is aging used-car salesmen, I don't know why we're so worried about them. I have some doubts about this whole story and its hapless central character.

In any event, invade the world-invite the world will inevitably result in a serious attack in the future. Who will we bomb then?

August said...

So, the Mexican hit man turns out to be an undercover informant?

Why shouldn't the Iranian agents he cooperated with turn out to be American? This wacky murder plan makes very little sense for Iran's best interests, but a lot of sense as part of the war propaganda coming out of the State Department.

So, this may just be a variation on the many entrapment games played by the F.B.I. They keep leading this or that misfit down a path where he presses a button that is supposed to detonate a bomb. Why not change the story a little and cast Iran in an unpleasant light?

Michael said...

Hmmm.... looks like nobody is falling for this scam. Me neither.

Here is is James Corbett's George-Carlinesque satire on FBI entrapment schemes:

This pretty much sums up my attitude.

Speaking of George Carlin, here are a few more classics (NB: bad language, but hey, you know that coming from Carlin anyway).

"We Like War"

"Things We Have In Common"

Too bad Carlin was such a bull-headed atheist. Otherwise, he was a sharp observer of the human scene.

Incidentally, I've noticed something recently. I don't know if anyone else sees this, but it seems to me that the "owners" of America no longer particularly seem to care whether or not their scams and frauds are believed. I think they are no longer lying to us in order to deceive us. They are lying in order to show their contempt for us. "OK, so you are aware of what we are doing? So what? You can't do anything about it anyway."