Saturday, October 20, 2012

France: Controversy Over Proposed Conversion of Catholic Church Into Mosque

VIERZON, France — When the Rev. Alain Krauth preached to his dwindling flock at Mass last Sunday, the subject was real estate. But it was also Christian charity, tolerance and, indirectly, the gnawing malaise in France over an increasingly visible Muslim minority.

The issue was Saint-Eloi’s, a graceless 1950s-vintage church on the edge of this declining French city 150 miles south of Paris. With six churches to maintain and fewer faithful every year, Roman Catholic authorities decided they could no longer afford Saint-Eloi’s. It must be sold, Father Krauth lamented, and if one of the prospective buyers is a peaceful Muslim association looking for a new mosque, then so be it.
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Matthew M said...

Yes, it is 'graceless' and why not sell it to Muslims? In the U.K. and U.S.A. the CofE and ECUSA have already done it. Don't know about the Catholics.