Saturday, October 27, 2012

Risk of Obama - Romney Splitting Popular and Electoral Votes High

Most polls at this moment suggest GOP nominee Mitt Romney is in the lead nationally, but surveys in the nine or so swing states are registering a narrow advantage for President Obama.

So here’s a prospect worth contemplating: What if Romney carries the popular vote, but Obama regains the presidency by winning 270 votes or more in the electoral college?
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The Archer of the Forest said...

I would actually love to see that happen, just as to hear all the Democrats who for years have been deriding the electoral college after the 2000 election to suddenly find it to be the Founding Father's greatest idea, like, ever.

Unknown said...

^Exactly. It's only a good idea if it favors the Democrats. Damned hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

But it's a bad idea if it doesn't favor the Republicans. Damned hypocrites.

Stephen said...

Uh, Anonymous, the point is that the Dems deride the College, and Republicans don't. So only the Dems would be hypocrites if they started praising the College if their man won.

Maybe if I couldn't figure that one out, I'd want to be anonymous too