Monday, October 29, 2012

Mid-Atlantic Braces For Rare Late Season Hurricane

Evacuations have been ordered and many schools and businesses will be closed in preparation for the unwelcome arrival of Hurricane Sandy which is expected to hit the middle Atlantic states near Philadelphia tomorrow. The storm is so large it is likely to dump devastating amounts of rain coupled with high winds over an area of many hundreds of miles as it moves inland. The New York Stock Exchange will be taking a very rare weather related day off as New York City has already shut down most public transportation. In Washington where up to seven inches of rain is expected, most government offices will be closed or operating with greatly reduced staff.

And of course, yet again, my family seems to be more or less directly in the path. Over the last seven years they have just gotten pasted by weather related events. To be frank this is starting to get old.

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Athanasia said...

Prayers for your family as I pray for me and mine. We live about 20miles inland from Atlantic City, NJ. Lord have mercy.