Saturday, October 20, 2012

Yes, there are limits to casual Friday

OK folks, what is up with that pic of Biden from the main page of the WAPO? He doesn't look like someone who is serious and getting ready for hard work. He looks like a drunk staggering home from an all night bender. And no that's not a partisan shot. I've seen similar photos of Romney and Ryan.

Look, if you don't want to dress professionally, fine. Skip the tie and button down shirt. Go casual. But please, if you are going to wear a tie, then wear it correctly. This is not an inspiring image. It makes me wonder if we are electing a back-alley bum.


Richard Barrett said...

Is the objection that it's a half-Windsor or that it's loosened?

ab said...

Hey, let's not turn this into a half-windsor bashing post!

But seriously, Uncle Joe is just rolling up his sleeves and going to work for us. Lay off.

Richard Barrett said...

The whole rolled-up sleeves and loosened tie thing strikes me as pretty standard political iconography. It's part of how you make yourself look "relatable".

If the problem is the half-Windsor, then I don't know what to tell you. I've had to almost threaten violence to keep certain people in my family from holding me down and forcibly re-tying my tie, since I tie a half-Windsor. I've never quite understood the argument about full vs. half, but it's clear to me some feel VERY strongly about it.

ab said...

Richard got it right on. They want to appear like they are just like us.

Did anyone see that picture of Romney with the Northface jacket logo prominently displayed while wearing a shirt and tie underneath? Because, as we know, that is the fashion these days. THAT was an epic relatability fail.

Visibilium said...

Half-Windsor? Looks like a four-in-hand to me.