Friday, October 19, 2012

SSPX: Rumors of an ultimatum to their wayward bishop

I have been hearing rumors, recently repeated on some generally credible websites,that Bishop Fellay has reached the end of his patience with his fellow Bishop Williamson. As is widely known Williamson has been repeatedly ordered to refrain from making comments online and elsewhere and to desist in repeating opinions which call into serious question his temperament and judgment without express permission from his boss. Those orders have been openly flouted. Indeed it is widely believed that Williamson has become the most vocal opponent in the Society of any rapprochement with the Holy See and some of his activities are viewed as coming close to open revolt against the Superior General.

According to these rumors which seem to be gaining credibility Fellay has issued an ultimatum to Williamson demanding he take down his blog and cease any and all public commentary. It is also reported that the Superior General is demanding a public act of repentance from Williamson for all of the trouble he has caused the Society. If he refuses he will be expelled from the SSPX.

Assuming the reports are true, this is a long overdue measure. Williamson has been a loose cannon for years and is a certifiable nut whose anti-Semitic comments and opinions have been a recurring source of scandal.

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Jason said...

The SSPX can certainly maintain their housekeeping the way they see fit, but is it not poor form to pile on and call Bishop Williamson names and allege mental health issues? Can we not disagree without alleging insanity on the part of our opponents?