Friday, October 23, 2009

An Anglo-Catholic priest writes on recent events

I refer the reader to the blog Reflections from Normandy by Fr. Anthony Chadwick (TAC) for those interested in some fascinating, personal and often moving reflections on the recent announcements from Rome. For a little background Fr. Chadwick has been down a difficult and often lonely spiritual road, passing through the schismatic Catholic Society of Saint Pius X and later getting involved with various episcopi vagantes before settling into the Traditional Anglican Communion. His continued yearning to return to full communion with the Holy See despite some troubling experiences with the canonical Roman Church inspires a sense of deep respect from me.

Fr. Chadwick maintains a very interesting website the home page of which can be found here.


Fr. J. said...


What do you think about the padre's comment on the Russians and Rome. I am not sure whether that is why you directed your readers to this post, but it seems very much at odds from your personal position. He is just naive? Is there anything to this? If there were, I'd be very, very surprised and in shock. I just can't figure what to make of this comment.

John (Ad Orientem) said...

Fr. J,
The post and comment to which you refer popped up after I linked his blog. I find it interesting but I can not give it any serious credence. These rumors keep floating around, mostly in the West, but very ugly rumors are also surfacing in some Orthodox countries. The bottom line though is that no Orthodox church is about to enter communion with Rome because none of the outstanding theological differences have been resolved. Archbishop Hepworth seems to be forgetting that his case worked so smoothly because there were no doctrinal issues to be worked out. They submitted entirely to Rome on every point.

I think his sources are delusional. Any announced union right now would produce a massive revolt that would see any and all hierarchs involved deposed at the least. There is no support for union with Rome among the Orthodox at present. And I see no prospect of that changing since both Rome and Orthodoxy claim to be The Church. For union to be restored the Orthodox Church would have to cease to exist, or the Roman Catholic Church would.

However much one may yearn for an end to the schism, I see no prospect for it in my lifetime.

Yours in ICXC

James the Thickheaded said...

Fr. Chadwick is a patient and faithful priest. Corresponded with him at some length at the beginning of my own wanderings beyond brand-name anglicanism. In the end, concluded anglocatholicism fit the old adage: "that dog won't hunt" and became Orthodox.

One thing I think we can be thankful for in Benedict's announcement is his clarity in ending the fog of pretense regarding anglican orders. Catholic is catholic. Orthodox is orthodox. Anglican is not somehow something beyond its own dominion. Schism is schism, and while healing medicine may typically have some sting in its application, that is not an adequate reason to remain unhealed.

John (Ad Orientem) said...

I agree entirely with your post. I also corresponded with Fr. Chadwick some years ago and am very happy for him and the TAC. I hope Rome will regularize his situation and clerical orders.