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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Pope causes an internet stir

OK. I give up. I have been making a serious effort at keeping up with the discussion of the move by what one wag called "the Vatican's mergers and acquisitions department." But if there is another topic in the blogosphere getting much more attention right now I don't know what it is. There is a lot out there at the moment.

The press (especially in Britain) have been all over this with articles ranging from solid and steady reporting to the kinds of sensationalism I would expect from a supermarket tabloid. It seems that everyone is chiming in on this one. I even found a blog run by a heavy metal rocker(!) who posted on the subject. Judging from the young man's errr... colorful... comments I am guessing he is not a regular church goer. But it was amusing.

In any case here are a few links to web sites posting some of the better stories or blog posts on the subject for those interested.

Anglican sites:

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Stand Firm

Virtue Online - News from the Episcopal Resistance


Roman Catholic sites:

RORATE CÆLI- (Traditionalist)

What Does The Prayer Really Say?


National Catholic Register

Chiesa - Sandro Magister's Vatican Insights

Links to some of the British Press-Media


Damian Thompson's Holy Smoke


London Times

London Telegraph


George Patsourakos said...

I believe that Pope Benedict XVI is trying to woo Anglicans to convert to Catholicism -- and without any requirements to convert -- in order to increase membership in the Catholic Church.

The fact that the Pope would continue to allow married Anglican priests to become Catholic priests -- while Catholic priests must continue to remain celibate -- is just one example of this fiasco.

Annie said...

The RCC already allows married Anglican priests to become Catholic priests under certain circumstances, so say nothing of the married priests in the Eastern Catholic traditions. This is not new.

Moreover new converts are required to assent to all teaching of the RCC, as outlined in the catechism. I'm not at all sure where "without requirements" enters into it.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it currently that married Anglican priests can convert, but they can't be a parish priest? They would have to do administrative work instead. So if there's a new Anglican rite, the married priests would get a parish like the Eastern Rite Catholics do. This still wouldn't allow RC priests to be married. I think it would, indeed stir up some resentment among the RC priesthood.

Alan Phipps said...

"Isn't it currently that married Anglican priests can convert, but they can't be a parish priest?"

Not as a rule, for example, a married, former Episcopalian priest was pastor here in Houston at Our Lady of Walsingham for a number of years.

"I believe that Pope Benedict XVI is trying to woo Anglicans to convert to Catholicism"

You really should know that it was the Anglicans who approached Rome two years ago with a desire for corporate reunion. Rome is now responding to that request.