Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pope’s Offer Raises Idea of Marriage for Catholic Priests

ROME — In making it easier for traditionalist Anglicans to become Catholic, Pope Benedict XVI once again revealed the character of his papacy: to reach out to the most fervent of like-minded believers, even if they are not Catholic. Yet some observers wonder whether his move could paradoxically liberalize the church — or at least wedge it open — on a crucial issue: celibacy.

In a momentous move on Tuesday, the Vatican said it would help Anglicans uncomfortable with female priests and openly gay bishops join a new Anglican rite within the Catholic Church.

The invitation also extends to married Anglican clergy. And so some have begun to wonder, even if the 82-year-old Benedict himself would never allow it, would more people in the Roman Catholic Church begin to entertain the possibility of married Catholic priests?
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tizzidale said...

I agree. I read in Google Reader and have the worst time reading the quoted text.

John (Ad Orientem) said...

Did the change in the text color I employed in this post make any difference?


Fr. Andrew said...

A difference is made, but it is slight. It's still almost unreadable.

Ryan said...

I don't understand what's new here. Aren't the Eastern Catholics allowed to have married priests?