Monday, October 05, 2009

Quote of the day...

Patriarchs Bartholomew and Kiril should catch the next flight to Rome, crawl to St Peter's on their blooded knees, kiss the Sacred Feet of the Supreme Pontiff, then kiss his ring.

After which, they can beg mercy and forgiveness for a thousand years of schism.

After which, they can prostrate themselves while the Holy Father pronounces absolution, with both his feet resting on their necks.

Then, and only then, will there be reunion.

Hey, a Papophile can dream, can't he?
-A comment posted at Rorate Caeli in response to a very good blog post by the redoubtable Carlos Antonio Palad, debunking the various ridiculous rumors of imminent "reunion" with Rome.


Alex said...

Wow! That's heavy! Dude must be a senior lieutenant in Opus Dei.

Anonymous said...

Another comment by Peter made the observation:

"On the other hand, the Orthodox have intercommunion with the miaphysite (monophysite) Oriental Orthodox Church of Etiopia, with its strange canon of the Holy Scripture.

Monophysitism (miaphysitism) is a heresy denying the truth about the Person of the Redeemer, so it's at least as fundamental as denying the truth about Holy spirit.

Therefore I suppose that it all goes more about pride and unwillingness to subject to the evil Pope and the evil Latins, than faith."

I would like to see an informed response


Visibilium said...

Speaking to Martians would be more productive, but the dinners wouldn't be as good.

Anonymous said...

what reasoned response? We don't intercommune with non-Orthodox, which by definition includes monophysites.

The young fogey said...

The bookend of online Orthodox but in a way it's more honest than Pollyannish ecumenism. In a way they're right: the scope of the Pope is the irreconcilable difference between these two Catholic churches so union won't happen soon if ever; as Owen White has said for that to happen one side would have to give in and stop being what it is now rather like (hyperbole optional) commenter lexetlibertas whom you quoted says.

It may all be just a misunderstanding like the Orthodox/Oriental schism and faith vs works (Rome and the mainstream Lutherans are right; the centuries-old excuse for the 'Reformation' is a non-issue) but I just don't see how.

Anonymous said...

hey john! you know what an even better quote of the day would be? that one time a few months ago you claimed not to "care what the Roman Church did or what Roman Catholics thought" one way or the other. this was your actual response to my contention that you did, in fact, have us Latinophiles on the brain.

it would seem we know how to yank your chain every now and then, eh?

John (Ad Orientem) said...

"it would seem we know how to yank your chain every now and then, eh?"

That... and sometimes I just fall victim to the temptation to poke fun at people who desperately are in need of having the air let of their tires. :-)

Under the mercy,