Monday, October 19, 2009

Big news from Rome on Anglican relations

The Holy See will be making what is widely believed to be a significant announcement on their relationship with the Anglican Communion tomorrow. The speculation (with which I agree) is that it will be an announcement that the Traditional Anglican Communion (TAC) is to be received into communion with the Roman Church.

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William Tighe said...

And now this:

Now, I have no "inside knowledge," but this London press conference, featuring both +Canterbury and +Westminster, means it MUST be going to be something BIG. If there were only the London press conference, I would suspect (with a good deal of disappointment and chagrin) that it would be to announce another round of meaningless blather between Canterbury and Rome -- but the Rome conference, and the presence of DiNoia (who has been a tireless advocate for, and patron of, the TAC in its dealings with Rome) persuades me that Rome is going to produce some structure of which Catholic-minded Anglicans worldwide, and not least the TAC. will be able to take advantage.

Speculation: the London press conference will see +Canterbury and +Westminster reassure the world that ecumenical relations between Anglicans and Catholics will not be negatively affected by Rome's whatever-it-is. Had the previous Abp. of Westminster been still in office, he would have liked to say something like "and whatever provision Rome is making for Anglicans, and I'm sure there will be a few, but not many, that will want to take advantage of it -- and in any case it will not apply here in England," but the new Abp. (Vincent Nichols) has never shown himself to be particularly keen on ecumenical footsie with Anglicans, and he is much more a "Ratzinger man" than his predecessor.

Antonio said...

Well, I've been praying for this intention for the last... (MANY) years.
I'm completely anxious about this, and almost sure it's going to be good news.
May God grant us this extraordinary grace.

Nikolaus said...

I'm puzzled by the inclusion of Rowan Williams.

John (Ad Orientem) said...

Rowan is holding a press conference probably to at least try and pretend that this is not the end of Catholic interest in the Anglican Communion. I think it is a wasted effort though. Even the most obtuse can see this for what it is.

Rome has at long last run out of patience.


Anam Cara said...

This at the same time St. Vlad and Natosha House are entering into a dialog thanks to Met. Jonah and Archbishop Duncan if the ACNA. The Anglicans are being courted by both sides! Pray for discernment for all!

Fr. J. said...

Anam Cara,

Again, Rome is not courting Anglicans. Rome is responding to many requests.

Met. Jonah is courting furiously.

There is a big difference.