Friday, October 30, 2009

Another dose of reality

The redoubtable Carlos Antonio Palad (a moderator and contributor over at Rorate Caeli) has posted an excellent piece casting more cold water on the kumbaya UNITY NOW crowd. Mr. Palad has consistently demonstrated a very level headed attitude towards the relationship between Rome and Orthodoxy.


Anonymous said...

Amusing intra-mural arguments. I loved the argument about "going back" to the Latin Mass as if Latin had some mystical power.

John (Ad Orientem) said...

Its a Trad web site. A lot of them are obsessed with Latin and the Middle Ages. That said I do sympathize to a certain degree. The Roman Church has been very reckless in its near total abandonment of their liturgical patrimony. The so called "liturgical reform" mandated by Vatican II got hijacked and became a semi-Protestant service that is theologically very dicey from an Orthodox perspective.


Anonymous said...

That's one opinion.

I don't think the liturgy was "hijacked" so much as the victim of bad implementation by those who had no understanding or ignored liturgical theology.

The liturgical situation before Vat II was quite dismal with an extremely passive "audience" immersed in its own prayers, barely paying attention to the activity at the altar, save for the bell ringing.

The same situation was evident in Orthodox liturgies if Schemann's critique is valid.