Memory Eternal!

Memory Eternal!
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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

95 Years Ago

Communists butchered Czar Nicholas II, the Empress, and their five children along with the handful of loyal retainers and servants who had remained with them.


gabriel said...

Lord, have mercy on the killers.

Jason said...

Robert Wilton's "Last Days of the Romanovs" gives an excellent account of their final days, and can be found online.

bob said...

Not at all to diminish the horror of this or the fact it was martyrdom, but the job description was layman when it happened. He abdicated. People have to get over that. There was no royal family anymore.

Jason said...

Russian historian P.V. Multatuli's research has revealed that this abdication was in fact counterfeit and that the Emporer never chose to sign the documents. His signature was thus forged. Unfortunately, Multatuli's works are only in Russian at this time. May they be translated soon. Regardless they are forever royal, being divinely crowned by God.

"Meekly didst thou endure the loss of thine earthly kingdom, the bonds and divers sufferings inflicted upon thee by those opposed to God, and didst bear witness for Christ even unto death, O great passion-bearer, divinely crowned Tsar Nicholas; wherefore, Christ God hath crowned thee in the heavens with a martyr's crown, together with thy queen, thy children and thy servants. Him do thou beseech, that He have mercy upon the Russian land and save our souls."

John (Ad Orientem) said...

Regarding the abdication, I have not heard of any allegation that it was forged, so I cannot comment on that. However if it was not forged it was certainly coerced, which brings into question its validity. Also the abdication attempted to circumvent the Czarevitch in favor of Grand Duke Michael which violated the succession decree of Czar Paul further casting doubt on its legality.

But even setting aside the very real questions of its legal validity, it did not abolish the monarchy. The Czar did not cease to be royal. Nor did it affect the basic status of the Imperial Family.

Owen White said...

As for the Romanovs and all monarchs/royalty, good riddance.

But with regard to this video - I can't recall ever having seen an example of nationalist-monarchist kitsch which I have enjoyed more. Truly awful, in a wonderful sort of way.

Owen White said...
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