Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Yankees Superstar A-Rod May Face Severe Sanctions For Doping

(CBS News) Milwaukee Brewers' outfielder Ryan Braun was one of at least 15 Major League Baseball players under investigation for taking performance-enhancing drugs. He was suspended Monday for the rest of the season, and an even bigger name could be next.

The game's highest-paid player, New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez is also under investigation. A Major League Baseball team executive told CBS News Braun's 65-game suspension could be nothing compared to what Rodriguez faces.

The executive said it's not a matter of "if" Rodriguez will be suspended for using performance enhancing drugs, but "when."

"They have an overwhelming amount of evidence on this guy showing multiple years of usage," the executive said. "He's met with Major League Baseball. He's seen the evidence. He is staring down a penalty much, much harsher than Braun's. It could be years... or even a lifetime suspension."
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