Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Quick Note on Anonymous Comments

I have in the past allowed anonymous comments, though I really don't care for them. But lately they have become problematic. On longer discussion threads they create confusion and at least one blog troll has been abusing anonymity for some time. For these reasons I have decided to no longer allow anonymous comments on Ad Orientem. You don't have to sign up with Blogger but you do have to at a minimum enter a name using open ID when posting comments. This change is effective immediately.

Thank you for your understanding.


M. Jordan Lichens said...

I'm really glad you've decided to do this. I've enjoyed your blog, but sometimes your comment sections turn into something rather annoying. I'm not sure if people have no jobs and anonymously annoying folks on the orthosphere is their idea of fun or what, but it was distracting.

I know I had to get rid of anon comments on my blog back in the day after I started getting a flood of anti-semitic posts. After the 20th one, I just said, "That's it, I want your email, Captain Bigot." It toned down after that.

Stephen said...

'bout time.