Sunday, July 21, 2013

ROCOR Continues It's House Cleaning

It appears that the Holy Synod of the Russian Church Abroad is continuing its program of corrective measures in response to some serious disciplinary problems. The Synod has condemned the actions of  a "Brother" Nathanael Kapner. My knowledge of this man is limited but John Sanidopoulos has a more detailed post up on him. He sounds like a nut job who may at one time have been under ROCOR. The last word I had heard on this sorry individual was that he had entered into schism and had been barred from the chalice. John S. seems to confirm this.

HT: Blog reader Michael M.


Dn Paul said...

He is a deeply disturbed individual who is greatly in need of our prayers. We should also pray for those who have been spiritually damaged by his ranting.

There's a fine line between being a Fool-for-Christ and being a raving lunatic. Nathanael falls heavily into the latter camp.

OrthodoxBrit said...

It is good that ROCOR are dealing with his claims (He blocked me on youtube when I posted the statement.)

I will keep him and all he has drawn into his sphere of violence in my prayers.