Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Guardian is wondering...

Why is Colin Kaepernick still unsigned?

That's not hard to answer. He engaged in political grandstanding while on the job and wearing the uniform of his employers. That's not a legally protected form of freedom of speech. If you choose to do that sort of thing, there are likely to be consequences. I know that if I did something like that I would have been sacked on the spot and quite correctly. This has nothing to do with the correctness (or lack thereof) of the message he was trying to communicate. It has to do with respect for your employers and maintaining a professional deportment when you are on the clock and wearing the company uniform. If you want to protest something, you do it on your own time and in your own clothes.

Quick update

I'm still alive. Mom's surgery went well and to my surprise, I am rather enjoying my partial vacation from the internet. With luck I will be back home towards the end of September - early October.