Saturday, December 23, 2006

Some pre-Christmas odds and ends

The rape charges against the three Duke lacrosse players were dropped yesterday after the alleged victim changed her story (again). You can read the details here. On a side note this article places a degree of emphasis on the criticism Mike Nifong is getting, that is unusual for the mainstream media. The New York Times was among the convict them first and try them later crowd when this story originally broke. This whole case is finally starting to die the death it should have experienced about six months ago.

(Late night update: The NY Times has posted another article with a devastating review of the DA's case. Read it here)

There will be a two day Colloquium for Anglicans on Orthodoxy hosted by St. Andrews House in Detroit Michigan. The list of speakers is pretty impressive. Among the notables are two of my favorite Orthodox former Anglicans, Frederica Mathewes-Green and Fr. Stephen Freeman. The preceding link will take you to the article with all of the information.


I am honored, deeply honored to have been named Time Magazine’s man of the year. However, at the risk of sounding ungrateful I think the honor would have meant more if it did not involve sharing it with several hundred million other people. Not only am obliged to share the distinction with others, but I am also required to share it with some people that I confess to no strong affinity for. The idea of sharing the acceptance speech with Fr. Jake was almost enough to make me send a polite note to Time’s editors declining their award. But then I was afraid that they would have chosen someone like Iranian strongman Ahmadinejad, or worse they would have just let Fr. Jake keep it for himself.

On which note, I will close with a rather revealing quote from a recent article over at Fr. Jakes site. When commenting on why the bishop elect of South Carolina (a conservative by Episcopalian standards) should not be given consent as opposed to V. Gene Robinson who was the author says…

We consider the consent question to be an ecclesiological, not a theological, question. Neither Father Lawrence’s nor Canon Robinson’s theology is relevant to the consent process.

Translation: Heresy should not be an impediment to being elected a bishop in TEC. Refusal to hang out with heretics should be.

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