Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Marriage Discipline: East & West

There is a remarkable two part essay authored by the recently reposed Archbishop Elias Zoghby of the Melkite Catholic Church (in communion with Rome) that has been posted by Wei-Hsien Wan over at his blog "Torn Notebook." In this essay* the archbishop makes a strong case for the Eastern tradition of tolerance in the name of economy for the innocent victims of failed marriages with respect to second marriages. Since the difference in the discipline of the Eastern Churches as opposed to that of the Roman Church on the subject of second marriages is often cited as a major point of contention between East & West this essay is especially helpful and insightful. It is also all the more so coming from an Eastern hierarch in communion with the Pope of Rome. As he himself noted with sadness; most of the uniate Eastern Churches have abandoned the patristic discipline of the East in favor of that of the Latin Church.

I strongly recommend this essay which can be found here (part I) and here (part II). Out of respect for the poster of the essay I ask that any comments be made on his website.

A very big hat tip to Eirenikon for posting the link to this excellent essay.

* I believe that the essay was first presented at least in part, to the Second Vatican Council.


Steve Hayes said...

Interesting, but perhaps the differences spring out of different understandings of what marriage is, rather than whether or how it can be dissolved.

Byzantine, TX said...

On the same topic, I would point you to: