Wednesday, July 08, 2009

New York: Still trying to make California look good...

New York is still at it. That is to say they are still resolved to make California's government look rational if not positively good. Recall that back in June I took note of New York's bitterly and evenly divided state senate and how they were behaving like spoiled children. One of the major problems has been that New York's Lieutenant Governor's office has been vacant ever since then Lt Governor Paterson had to take over after Governor Eliot "Mr. Clean" Spitzer got caught renting the kind of entertainment you don't get at Blockbuster Movies. Thus there has been no tie breaking vote for the Senate.

Today Governor Paterson finally resolved this problem by appointing Mr. Richard Ravitch as the new Lt. Governor for the state. There is just one small problem. He has absolutely no authority to do that. There is no provision in the State Constitution that permits filling that office between elections. But hey, why let something petty like legality spoil the beauty of the thing?

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