Thursday, November 19, 2009

Many Years!

To the little boy pictured with his great granduncle who tomorrow celebrates his 97th birthday...

Archduke Franz Joseph Otto Robert Maria Anton Karl Max Heinrich Sixtus Xavier Felix Renatus Ludwig Gaetan Pius Ignatius of Austria; better known to the world as Prince Otto von Hapsburg.

H.I.H is the last living member of any of the royal houses of Europe who was alive at the time of the First World War. Prince Otto has lived a truly remarkable life. Born into the Imperial House of Hapsburg and heir to the thrones of both Austria and Hungry after the repose of his sainted father Emperor Karl, he was an active player in the history of most of the last century including being a hunted fugitive from the Nazis and serving for many years in the European Parliament. In 2007 he relinquished his position as head of the Imperial House of Hapsburg in favor of his son Archduke Karl. Today he lives in quiet retirement with his wife in his native Austria.

May God grant Prince Otto many (more) years!


Conchúr said...

Actually Kaiser Franz Josef is Archduke Otto's great granduncle, not his grandfather.

John (Ad Orientem) said...

Thanks for the correction.


Anonymous said...

For all his merits, Dr Von Hapsburg does not strike me as a friend of free speech nor parliamentary behaviour as recorded:

"During 1988 the Pope addressed the European Parliament. Dr Ian Paisley MEP, MP had forewarned the President that if the Pope addressed the Parliament he would, not having been able to voice his objections to the visit, do so to the Pope. Dr. Paisley stood and denounced the Pope, shouting a 16th century quotation of the martyred Archbishop Cranmer and holding aloft banners describing the Pope as antichrist. For every banner that was snatched from him Dr. Paisley revealed another. It was at this point that Dr. von Hapsburg wrenched from Dr Paisley’s grasp the banners and tore at his jacket in search of others. Dr. Paisley was attacked by other members and called a bigot. The symbolism could not have been mistaken."


reader joseph said...

considering Paisley's behavior, i think Hapsburg had the higher moral ground. the secular altar of "free speech" is always the rallying cry for those who try to stifle it.

Paisley has always been nothing more than a spoiled child with reactionary and delusional fantasies.

John (Ad Orientem) said...

Even the Supreme Court recognizes limits on free speech. If you get in a man's face and impugn the honor of his mother, you are going to get socked.


Conchúr said...

Gott erhalte, Gott beschütze
Unsern Kaiser, unser Land!
Mächtig durch des Glaubens Stütze
Führ´ Er uns mit weiser Hand!
Laßt uns Seiner Väter Krone
Schirmen wider jeden Feind:
Innig bleibt mit Habsburgs Throne
Österreichs Geschick vereint.

In Verbannung, fern den Landen
Weilst Du, Hoffnung Österreichs.
Otto, treu in festen Banden
Steh´n zu Dir wir felsengleich.
Dir, mein Kaiser, sei beschieden
Alter Ruhm und neues Glück!
Bring den Völkern endlich Frieden,
Kehr zur Heimat bald zurück!

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag, Eure Kaiserliche und Königliche Apostolische Majestät!