Thursday, August 11, 2011

For my fellow Mets fans... Top Ten Reasons to Keep Going to Citi Field

No. 10. For the remainder of the season, fans will be selected at random to play second base.
No. 9. Beautiful sunset view over Manhattan from the mezzanine deck.
No. 8. You’re safe from getting hit by a home run.
No. 7. To find a date. (If any person is able to handle all that disappointment and still keep showing up, you’ve found a person who will stick with you through the tough times.)
No. 6. The apple will now pop up whenever Jason Bay gets an extra-base hit.
No. 5. They have started using real batting helmets for Carvel ice cream sundaes.
No. 4. Great parking for the U.S. Open.
No. 3. Thanks to the New York State Senate, Mr. Met will finally be able to marry the San Diego Chicken in an on-field ceremony this September.
No. 2. Because when you call up to order tickets and ask them what time the game starts, the clerk says, “What time can you be here?”
And, drum roll please, the No. 1 reason to keep going to Citi Field over the next two months:
(pause for dramatic effect)
Ollie Perez won’t be pitching!

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Ingemar said...

My Padres are actually winning some games now, at the expense of the Pirates and the Mets.