Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Second Ebola Case Reported (and a little perspective)

The United States now has its second confirmed case of Ebola contracted here and the alarm among government officials and the general population is clearly rising.

On a side note; statistics suggest that somewhere between 85-90 people died yesterday in motor-vehicle crashes... and a similar number are likely to be killed by the end of today. Going by the most recent available numbers; around 32,000 will be killed in car wrecks in 2014.

I know I know... who cares about that! TWO PEOPLE HAVE EBOLA!!!


The Anti-Gnostic said...

So nobody with early contact gets it, but health care professionals educated in contagion protocols with protective gear are getting it. The disease appears highly contagious in its end-stage, which suggests the practice of cocooning a single patient and surrounding him with doctors, nurses and PA's while he vomits bile and oozes fluid out of every pore is grossly negligent. The better practice would be to gather all the patients in a single location and have a few professionals and technicians keep them hydrated while their own immune systems sort things out (or not). But none of these kinds of questions get asked because everybody thinks ideology trumps the physical universe.

I'm reminded of the AIDS epidemic, when a few non-blinkered doctors were begging city governments to shut down the bath houses. We probably could have saved several hundred thousand lives. Instead, everybody blamed Reagan.

We never learn, and it will end badly.

lannes said...

Anti-Gnostic is right. There are only four facilities in this country capable of handling Ebola cases safely. When dozens more arrive here from West Africa carrying the virus, where will we put them? The "P" in CDC & P stands for prevention-- so PREVENT, Mr. Obama!

lannes said...

Also, the medical waste from Ebola
patients -- in this country, not Africa -- is in the thousands of pounds; where are we to put that?