Monday, June 06, 2016

MPs Plot to Obstruct BREXIT if Britain Votes to Quit the EU

MPs could seek to keep Britain in the European single market even if the public vote in the referendum to leave the European Union, in a move which anti-EU Tories said was “unacceptable” and would cause a “constitutional crisis”.

Membership of the House of Commons is overwhelmingly pro-EU, with just over 70 per cent of its present members campaigning for Remain at the referendum on June 23.

However unnamed ministers have told the BBC that in the event of a vote to leave, pro-EU MPs could engage in what one called a “reverse Maastricht” process - a reference to the long parliamentary campaign fought by Tory Eurosceptic MPs in the 1990s against legislation deepening EU integration.

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rabidgandhi said...

The burgeoning stream of élite panic is a delight to watch. Every day it seems there is a new scare story in the media: Brexit will cause the banks to leave! Brexit will lead to schnitzel apocalypse! Brexit will cause mass gingivitis!

If they're soiling their knickers to this extent, the Leave camp must be doing something right.