Saturday, November 12, 2016


“It it has been said many times and my response has always been that, if anything, it is the communists who think like Christians..."

-Pope Francis (from here)

I'm done with restraint in expressing my views of this heretic. Communism occupies the exact same spot on the moral plane as Nazism. This Pope just spit on the graves of millions of martyrs.

Forget the Orthodox. How about the Catholics of Spain, Poland, Hungary, what used to be Czechoslovakia and Ukraine, especially the Greek Rite Catholics? "Scandalous" does not even begin to describe this pontificate. Where are the bishops and cardinals? Is there no one with courage in the Roman Church to call this man out? Is there no one who is willing to confront this man and demand for the good of their church his immediate abdication?


Patrick Sheridan said...

Perhaps you take the Papacy too seriously?

Chris Jones said...

The Papacy has nothing to do with it. Any bishop of any see (not just Rome) who teaches as Francis does is a heretic.

Francis should be called to account, and if he will not repent he should be deposed. The difficulty is that, in the Roman system, there is no one with the standing to call him to account, and no one with the authority to depose him.

The Anti-Gnostic said...

It's a Global South Church at this point, so these kinds of statements are to be expected.

Not so long ago, the Catholic Church supported Pinochet and Franco over communist atheists like Allende and the Spanish Republic. A strange shift happened, and suddenly the Marxist Left and the Catholic Church became allies.

Chris said...

I wonder if this pope realizes what is going on in Venezuela thanks to the communists. Of course he doesn't.

rick allen said...

I sometimes like to imagine what might have gone viral had there been an internet in Jesus' day. Something like this might have been making the rounds after delivery of the well-known parable: "Jesus a Samaritan! Says that they take better care of their neighbors than priests and levites!!"

Francis is speaking of communists, not communism. I have no doubt, in the context of South American history, that in many cases communists, however misguided their ideology, took a more Christian approach to the plight of the poor than professing Catholic leaders who maintained their authority through robbery, torture and murder. Orthodoxy is of course important, but, in another of Jesus' parables, the sheep and the goats at the last judgment are not asked about the correctness of their profession.

To me, one of the great advantages of Catholicism is the procession of very different men into the papacy. The temptation is to assign them to contending parties or factions, and set them over against each other in the manner of petty politics, rather than attending to what we can learn from each.

It is a scandal when those who do not profess Christ surpass us in protecting the poor from oppression. In that respect I would commend the words of Cardinal Ratzinger, before he became Benedict, in re-affirming the Christian's responsibility to the poor:

"This warning should in no way be interpreted as a disavowal of all those who want to respond generously and with an authentic evangelical spirit to the "preferential option for the poor." It should not at all serve as an excuse for those who maintain the attitude of neutrality and indifference in the face of the tragic and pressing problems of human misery and injustice. It is, on the contrary, dictated by the certitude that the serious ideological deviations which it points out tends inevitably to betray the cause of the poor. More than ever, it is important that numerous Christians, whose faith is clear and who are committed to live the Christian life in its fullness, become involved in the struggle for justice, freedom, and human dignity because of their love for their disinherited, oppressed, and persecuted brothers and sisters. More than ever, the Church intends to condemn abuses, injustices, and attacks against freedom, wherever they occur and whoever commits them. She intends to struggle, by her own means, for the defense and advancement of the rights of mankind, especially of the poor."

John (Ad Orientem) said...

Remind me again, how many tens of millions of people did the Samaritans murder? Communists v Communism - Nazis v Nazism. Really? Sorry the man is a Communist and a heretic. But I repeat myself. He is trying to turn the Catholic Church into a liturgical version of the Salvation Army. I used to think he was just well meaning but way out of his depth. Not anymore.

rabidgandhi said...

One thing I don't get here is Francis is the head of a schismatic group that refuses to return to the Church. How could he not be anaxios?

Savvy said...


The journalist admits this was written from memory and can't support the actual quote, as coming from Pope Francis.

John (Ad Orientem) said...

I'm not seeing anyone saying that the Pope did not say this. If someone attributed such a quote to me, I would have been standing on the top of St. Peter's screaming my denial to the whole world. From the Pope... crickets. There has been no retraction and no denial from the Pope.

Ricardo said...

As a Latin American (brazilian), I think you should stop to associate Latin America and communism. The majority of the population here are against marxism and its "ecclesiastical" masks.

There is a phrase here to describe the tragedy of "Liberation Theology":

"The Church opted for the poor, and the poor opted for the Pentecostals".

That is exactly what happened. People left the Roman Catholic Church like never before. "Liberation theology" was never popular, but Francis and many bishops are working very hard to maintain it. And now, in politics, LA countries are experiencing a great rejection of leftist politicians (in Brazil, Argentina, etc) and the countries that are still under its influence are the ones where the poor MOST SUFFER, like Venezuela and Cuba. Francis knows it, but he is a politically correct demagogue.

The Anti-Gnostic said...

Welcome news, Ricardo. You have my very best wishes.