Friday, December 23, 2011

A Frightening Debate

If you want to read some opinions that should scare the bleep out of anyone who cares about the rule of law and the preservation of something resembling a constitutional republic, then take a peek at some of the comments on this thread over at Midwest Conservative Journal.  That there are people who think like this is chilling beyond words.  Even more frightening, is that I seem to be the only one over there who thinks that maybe there is something wrong with giving our government carte blanche authority to murder its own citizens.  Our country is in really deep trouble.


Jason said...

They worship the government. It's their god, and so they believe on faith anything their god passes down, no proof needed.

Those were some chilling comments, but actually pretty tame compared to some of the homicidal diatribes at American Thinker. That site makes my skin crawl.

Joseph said...

this just shows to me that conservatives are also believers in big government, just not the same type of government as those on the left.

i'm pretty much a left-libertarian, myself. praise for the government like a god, as jason suggests, is prevalent in our society, on both sides of the political spectrum. after 9/11, i heard so many people say they'd be willing to give up their civil liberties for "safety." times like these are indeed chilling, because these people are also raising children (many of them) and the future of our republic is at stake.

David Garner said...

I wonder how much of Ron Paul’s comments are hyperbola driven by the utter frustration members of Congress have in their attempts to get information of any sort from this administration.

I can't figure out if this dude is

1) Making a geometry joke;

2) Trying to do an impression of Eric Cartman; or

3) Doesn't know how to spell "hyperbole."

Anastasia Theodoridis said...

The future of our republic is at stake.

Republic? We still have a Republic?

I couldn't bear to read the whole thread, but I thought perhaps there was soime talking past one another. To me, it did not seem these guys were talking about killing American citizens who were simply suspected or accused of being complicit with the enemy.

LV said...

Frightening? Carl? Really?