Monday, December 19, 2011

Oh No! Panic! Unable to ignore him any longer the media is talking about Ron Paul

What if Ron Paul wins Iowa? - Christian Science Monitor

Ron Paul's Iowa surge triggers GOP anger at his supporters (VIDEO)- Washington Times

Can Ron Paul win Iowa? Yup. - Washington Post

What if Ron Paul wins in Iowa? - CNN

Polls Show Ron Paul Rising In Iowa As Gingrich Swoons - NPR

Ron Paul And The Republican Future - Daily Beast

Ron Paul thrashes Mitt Romney, wins 2nd Iowa poll - The State Column

Ron Paul: The Tortoise Now Leads The Hares - Nolan Chart LLC

Can Ron Paul Win New Hampshire? - RealClearPolitics

Ron Paul 2012: A Remarkable Rise to First Place in Iowa - International Business Times


love the girls said...

Go ron Go.

I can't decide if this all gives me hope because Ron Paul is doing so well. or hopelessness because all others he is running against are hopelessly awful.

Anonymous said...

I pray that the public will be prudent enough to see through any lies that the mainstream media will dish out against Ron Paul. Mainstream media wants their "anointed" candidate to win.