Sunday, December 23, 2012

The truth is that politicians are lying to us

Was 2012 the year when the democratic world lost its grip on reality? Must we assume now that no party that speaks the truth about the economic future has a chance of winning power in a national election? With the results of presidential contests in the United States and France as evidence, this would seem to be the only possible conclusion. Any political leader prepared to deceive the electorate into believing that government spending, and the vast system of services that it provides, can go on as before – or that they will be able to resume as soon as this momentary emergency is over – was propelled into office virtually by acclamation.

So universal has this rule turned out to be that parties and leaders who know better – whose economic literacy is beyond question – are now afraid even to hint at the fact which must eventually be faced. The promises that governments are making to their electorates are not just misleading: they are unforgivably dishonest. It will not be possible to go on as we are, or to return to the expectations that we once had. The immediate emergency created by the crash of 2008 was not some temporary blip in the infinitely expanding growth of the beneficent state. It was, in fact, almost irrelevant to the larger truth which it happened, by coincidence, to bring into view. Government on the scale established in most modern western countries is simply unaffordable. In Britain, the disagreement between Labour and the Conservatives over how to reduce the deficit (cut spending or increase borrowing?) is ridiculously insignificant and out of touch with the actual proportions of the problem. In the UK, the US, and (above all) the countries of the EU, democratic politics is being conducted on false premises.
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Anastasia Theodoridis said...

Politicians have been lying to us daily for decades. It's just that now, in the information age, we are somewhat better able to see through the lies.

You lie and lie and lie, and then keep on getting re-elected, and what do you suppose your attitude toward the public will then be? Contempt. That's the only possibility.

Matthew M said...

Gee, do ya think!?!
I have been saying this for a long time and people just don't get it.
Actually, I don't think most people mind being deceived as long as it doesn't hurt their pocket books. After all no matter who you vote for they are going to lie about something. They can't help it!
Just let it go.
I think I'm probably done voting. It's all in GOD's hands so let HIM deal with it.