Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Britain: Commons Passes Bill Reforming Royal Succession

The House of Commons has passed a bill that removes gender preferences in the royal succession and removes prohibitions against marrying Roman Catholics for those in the line of succession. The bill now goes to the House of Lords for consideration and likely passage. All of the member states of the British Commonwealth that recognize The Queen as head of state must now pass identical legislation or there could be serious confusion in the royal succession down the road.

The bill has no effect on the current line of succession since The Queen's first born child was a male (Prince Charles) and his first born was also a male (Prince William the Duke of Cambridge). It would however ensure that should HRH the Duchess of Cambridge give birth to a daughter that she would not be bumped from her place in the royal succession by the later birth of a son.

Read the bill here.

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Anonymous said...

England will be a Muslim Nation before this bill on the course of History.

It is good to see the British Parliament has it mind on the things that really matter like this and gay "marriage"