Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Another Scandal in the Finnish Orthodox Church

Helsinki: Orthodox Metropolitan Ambrosius of Helsinki of the Finnish Orthodox Church invited Female Evangelical Lutheran bishop Irja Askola to Altar with him during Clergy ordination at the Sunday Divine Liturgy. This has sparked much controversy. He also ordered the Deacons to pray for the Lutheran woman bishop during litany. This has angered several Orthodox faithful. Archbishop Leo- Primate of the Finnish Orthodox Church has condemned the incident and has asked Metropolitan to clarify the issue before considering any measures against him. Major Finnish newspapers have reported the incident. Archbishop Leo have released an official statement on the controversial incident which is available at the official website of the Finnish Church.

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Young fogey emeritus said...

Just like when a Catholic bishop does that, it doesn't mean anything. What Orthodoxy teaches on that, as Archbishop Leo teaches, is pretty clear. Just shows they have the same problems with Modernism that we do, only they had the sense not to fall for the space age by modernizing their services in the '60s.

John (Ad Orientem) said...

I think it means a great deal. Unfortunately the Finnish Orthodox have a reputation for being squishy on some important points of doctrine and this is sometimes reflected in their praxis. Fortunately the Finnish church appears to be something of an aberration and has been roundly criticized in the past by many of the other Orthodox churches.

A couple years ago the Finns were flirting with the whole gay welcoming and inclusive crap, and the Russians put them on notice that they would take steps to provide for the Orthodox faithful in Finland if the Finns church strayed too far off the reservation. Although it was not formally stated, a rupture in communion and formal schism was understood to be the implied threat.

I don't know to what degree, if any, this influenced the Finnish Church, but things seemed to quiet down up there until this business.

bob said...

The joys of being a state church. The gift that keeps on giving.

Matthew Celestine said...

I say prayers for Finland and the Finnish people every Tuesday.